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All the best bits of somatic, conscious dance and an ecclectic range of ancient and modern dance styles and movement modalities in one class.


Moonflower Movement was created Charley Rose after 18 years of teaching contemporary dance, self love workshops, burlesque, pilates, fans and a wide variety of other traditional and somatic dance and mind modalities and not finding that what she wanted to teach and offer fit into a neat box or label.  

Moonflower Movement classes focus on a dance as ritual connection to body and we work the body hard in wide variety of modalities to create a body mind connection and experience the true joy of the outlet of dance. It brings the benefits of ancient mind body connection, advances in dance and dance therapy, sensual dance flow and intuitive movement and all the best bits from burlesque, fusion bellydance, Indian dance, theatrical dance, cabaret, vintage dance forms, pilates, yoga and more.

At Moonflow Movement we extend our body, mind and soul to create movement magick and metamorphosis. We also specialise in fan flow connection and offer classes focused on the freedom of "flying" through fan work.

What our dancers say...

Red Fabric


I started with Charley Rose about 4 years ago, when I started I was very shy and I had no confidence. I can gladly say that after the time I have spent at classes I have found my voice, I have found me. I have more confidence. I have learnt to love myself, my body, more than I did before. I used to wear baggy over sized jumpers like Ariana Grande, and now. I’m showing my skin. Wearing tight clothes, crop tops and short skirts. 


Not only is dance a place to love yourself it is a family safe space. Everyone is so including. If you need to come in and cry, you can come in and cry. If you need to talk, you can come in and talk. Dance with Charley Rose is a safe space for all. Of all walks of life. Everyone is welcomed. 


When my pop passed away I had some catch up classes so I messaged Charley and asked if I could come in, I joined in on Ballet Barre. I cried my little heart out while stretching, while bending. Charley asked if I was ok and I shook my head no and cried and that was it. You don’t have to speak if you don’t want to. If you put your arms out for a hug someone will hug you. If you put your hands up and say no to hugging everyone is ok with that. 


To me, these classes are not just a dance space. It’s my family space. 

Red Fabric


Charley Rose is an extraordinary teacher, body positive advocate, choreographer and human. I've had the pleasure of her teach me for a number of years now and my dance journey has been nothing short of transformative.


 I started dancing  because I needed to move my body. I had become someone I didn't recognise in the mirror after two children and I needed do something outside of home life. 

Dancing with Charley Rose has brought me so much more than that. She has a way of pushing you to want to better yourself artistically. To go outside your comfort zone without feeling silly and to sit in that zone and immerse yourself in that feeling until it's no longer uncomfortable. 


Dancing with Charley Rose is most certainly the best thing I have done for my mental health as well as my physical wellbeing and it has helped me to find joy in movement again all while making new friends. 

Red Fabric


I've had the incredible privilege to learn from Charley Rose for close to 9 years now and can see an absolute difference in myself. Charley Rose is an incredible teacher, choreographer, body positive advocate, and will encourage you like nothing else.  In her classes you have the opportunity to escape the outside world filled with noise to enter into an environment of love, joy and the utter most respect. 


I started dancing again after a dance history that hasn’t always embraced curves and differently abled. Charley Rose has helped me to celebrate my curves and taught me how to move to protect my hyper mobile limbs. Within these classes I have stretched and strengthened my body and my mind in so many different ways that I didn’t think I was capable of.


These classes are filled with family. They’re a safe space to come as I am, and I always leave feeling incredible. 

If you’re debating it and looking for a reason to book a class - here it is! Jump in with both feet and know that you will be welcomed into an amazing environment. 

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